What is a Tenrec?

The Lesser Hedgehog Tenrec is an adorable little mammal that can be occassionally confused with a hedgehog. If you look closely they do have distinct differences. The Lesser Hedgehog Tenrec and the African Pygmy Hedgehog are completely unrelated.

We in no way claim to be an expert in tenrecs. We are fairly new to breeding these little mammals. We rely on shared information by the few tenrec breeders in the Country that there are and we are learning everything we can along the way.  We are constantly researching trying to gather any new information available out there.

The Lesser Hedgehog Tenrec is one of 30 species of tenrec found on the island of Madagascar. The tenrec is found living both on land and in trees and is nocturnal—spending its days sleeping and its nights foraging for food. During dry seasons when food is scarce, they may become torpid—a state in which their body temperature drops and the metabolism slows dramatically — this can last for periods of three to five months, helping them to conserve energy. In the United States our captive tenrecs go into this torpid state from approximately October/November through February/March depending upon your location. Body weight can fluctuate during this torpid time. They normally weigh in at APPROXIMATELY 175 to 200 grams. I've seen some lose up to 50 grams during this time frame, which can be a bit scarey I realize.

Below you will see a few tenrecs that we currently own or have owned in the past. Captive bred tenrecs can be very loving little pets if socialized properly as young pups.

Tenrec Baby Tenrec Baby Tenrec Adult Tenrec Adult